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Your bathroom colour scheme can completely transform the feel of the space. In fact, it’s essential for creating the look and design you want to achieve.

Rather than automatically opting for neutrals though, why not step outside your comfort zone and make the space feel more fun and inviting with pops of stronger, brighter colour?

Whether you choose to add colour to your bathroom in the form of paint, accessories, tiles or wallpaper, it can really lift your home and give your bathroom a new lease of life.

Below we’ve put together some beautiful ideas for bathroom colours schemes that you could use for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We hope our five bathroom colours you may not have thought of give you some inspiration when designing your space.

Go green

Green is a calming colour that is linked with nature and rejuvenation, making it a great choice for a bathroom.

Ideal for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms, you could opt for deeper, darker greens to make the space feel sophisticated and elegant, or a soft mint green to create a refreshing feel. You could even use numerous shades of green and complement the colour with the use of house plants.

Blush pink

The trend of blush pink everything isn’t slowing down anytime soon. While you might not want a pink bathroom suite like homes in the 1950s, you could add blush pink in the form of tiles, paint and accessories.

Adding a femininity that is charming and romantic, there is a something about a pink bathroom that is subtly confident.

Midnight blue

Blues, especially navy blue, have a nautical feel that works well in any bathroom. You can’t really go wrong with a strong navy.

It boasts a sophisticated feel that is still homely and welcoming, whilst contrasting beautifully against popular white bathroom suites.

Refreshing teal

Reminiscent of seafoam and beautiful lakes, teal is a popular colour for bathrooms as it has a feeling of serenity, whilst still being eye-catching and bold.

Contrasting well with white accents, teal is beautiful when added in the form of tiling or paint to really complete a bathroom and give it a feeling of luxurious charm.

Tangerine orange

The mix of tangerine orange and white can really enhance your bathroom and add an exciting element of creativity. It also works well with gold accents, creating a warm colour palette that elegant and artistic.

Whichever colour scheme you choose, here at Entirely Bathrooms we have beautiful bathroom suites and accessories to complete the look.

Whether you’re looking for a complete bathroom suite or bathroom accessories, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of modern and contemporary bathroom products and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.