Double Ended Freestanding Baths

Double ended freestanding baths takes bathrooms to a whole new level with their stunning luxury look and designs.

Whether you are creating a simple plain look or prefer to go for something more wow for your bathroom, Entirely Bathrooms has them all. Baths allow you to escape and relax yourself, bathing away any stress and at the same time allowing you to lay back and enjoy the quiet peaceful atmosphere. Double ended freestanding baths are available in a vast range of sizes to meet all individuals needs, so what are you waiting for, choose your double ended freestanding bath right here at Entirely Bathrooms where you will be spoilt for choice.

Why choose a double ended freestanding bath and will it look good in my bathroom?

Double ended freestanding baths takes bathing for loved up couples to a whole new level and experience allowing you to share a romantic bath with the one you love, what could be better? Double ended freestanding baths can make your bathroom feel big and looks greats in a corner of the bathroom, but it can look equally as great if it’s in the centre of your bathroom, creating a seamless look and at the same time giving your guests something to talk about.

Not sure to choose between modern or traditional

Here at Entirely Bathrooms we take time and care to ensure all needs are met especially when it comes to modern and traditional double ended freestanding baths. If you are unsure of what design to choose from here are a few tips, look at the overall design and style of the bathroom and the style of your other bathroom furniture in your bathroom, after all you want it to match together to create that seamless look and feel throughout creating your modern or traditional look.

Frontlines Kubix Twin Skinned Bath


Allowing you to bathe in a spacious environment, double ended freestanding baths are designed with sloped edges making it easy and simple to get access in and out of the bath. Not only do you get a spacious feel inside the bath but also outside the bath where you won’t feel cramped, uncomfortable or claustrophobic at all.

Complete the look of your double ended freestanding bath?

When it comes to having a warm bath we all want space, as this is a time for ourselves, a time where we can relax and fell pampered? So not only do we want a double ended freestanding bath for ourselves, somewhere where we can call a bit of ‘me time’ and not having to worry about getting disturbed but at the same time Entirely Bathrooms has a vast range of designer modern and traditional taps which are guaranteed to complement the overall look of your bathroom. Whether you prefer to go for bath taps which are connected to the bath, wall mounted taps or freestanding taps there is never a wrong choice, the choice is all yours!

Easy to clean

Double ended freestanding baths make your cleaning a whole lot easier and simpler as it is designed and built with a stain resistant finish and constructed of a twin skinned acrylic finish so you won’t have to worry about having to scrub of those grime and marks, having to spend ages to clean, not here at Entirely Bathrooms you won’t.


Double ended freestanding baths here at entirely bathrooms are built and designed with the latest technology ensuring they last for all those years to come. For peace of mind double ended freestanding baths are provided with a 25 years guarantee, what could be better and that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Here at Entirely Bathrooms we have others ranges of baths as well as our double ended freestanding baths, why not browse through our vast range and if we can assist you in any way feel free to contact us on 0330 3800 629 where we will be more than happy to help.