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Frontlines Kubix Twin Skinned Bath

Guide to Bath Types

Single end twin grip bath in whiteWhen it comes to variations of baths, there is no shortage of options. The more standard style of bath is the single end. This is where the bath filler or bath/shower mixer taps are on one end. These are usually available in a rectangular design, ranging anywhere from 1400mm to 1800mm. The standard size is 1700mm. The F+P Fresssh Granada Single End Twin Grip Bath (right) features the classic single end design with a few practical modern touches, such as the twin grip handles to provide extra stability, as well as an anti-slip baseboard. But these days there are many other styles to consider…


Double Ended Baths

Double End baths have the bath filler taps in the middle on the side of the bath. Both ends of the bath are usually curved for comfort, so no matter what side you climb in it is the same. This option is excellent for families, if you aren’t sure which way around to install your new bath or if you have the luxury of space. The double end variation is available in all sorts of sizes including the standard 1700mm and range to a custom width of 1800mm. Twin end bath Cascade FressshA brilliant example is the Fresssh Cascade Twin End Bath (right) which is available in a very spacious 1800mm x 800mm or a relaxing 1700mm x 750mm. With large capacities of 210/230 litres and a comprehensive manufacturer guarantee of 25 years for that extra piece of mind. We have the right double end bath for you, here at Entirely Bathrooms.


Frontlines Kubix Twin Skinned BathFreestanding Baths

To provide a real touch of elegance, freestanding baths are here to do exactly that. The picture that is synonymous with this category is the traditional slipper style baths. Don’t worry as we stock a beautiful range just like this. Also available are the newer more contemporary styles, with toughened baseboards and huge water capacity. If you have the space for one of these statements of design, they make a great centrepiece, especially when complemented with a freestanding tap mixer setup. One such design is Frontlines’ Kubix Twin Skinned Bath (above left). Not only does it look stunning, but with twin skinned construction, this bath has extremely high build quality. It comes to you in a super spacious 1700mm x 800mm x 600mm. When purchased from us you receive an exclusive sale price, as well as a comprehensive guarantee with the option of adding on matching accessories for a package deal.

L Shaped Bath in an anthracite tiled bathroomL-Shaped, P-Shaped and Alternative Baths

For that unique flavour to your bathroom, there is the world of alternative baths. These are styles that are equipped with fantastic benefits and are becoming the new trend for the bathroom. L-shaped baths are at the forefront of the movement and no-one can deny the practicality that comes hand in hand with these. P and B-shaped baths are of a similar design, with their pivoting screens and sleek front panels. As bathroom furniture moves into more contemporary styles, it is now important for your bath to follow on from this. So these baths are stunning to look at, very practical and now affordable, making them an all round good package. Feel free to check out our stunning range of L-shape bathroom suites, which include an L-shape bath with a full suite package to match.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths are here for that extra touch of luxury. With LED lights as well as packages ranging from 6-24 jets, what better way to make your bathroom the ultimate indulgence? These jet packages are scientifically proven to have significant health benefits. We stock an excellent range here at Entirely Bathrooms.

Corner Baths and Space Saving

Having a functioning and enjoyable bathroom has become all about maximising your space. There are many smaller baths available on the market today, but have you ever thought of corner baths? With new styles and designs to fit your bath neatly into a corner, this will increase the space that you can use for storage or any other facilities you maybe thought that you didn’t have room for. These baths are well worth considering.

If you have any or enquiries about baths or anything else, please don’t hesitate get in touch.