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Best bathroom accessories: shower caddies, heated towel rails, flexible shower head and more!

When it comes to completing your dream bathroom, this is where the finishing touches come in, guaranteed to complement any bathroom theme. Bathroom accessories are key to any and every functional bathroom as not only does it give your bathroom extra storage but also help use up any free space available. Not everyone has the advantage of a big bathroom so as you can image small bathroom can be limited to space for storage. Bathroom accessories come in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs from plain and simple to stunning ornate styles guaranteed to complement every individual needs.
When it comes to storing your shower/bath products the last thing you want are them coming in the way as you take a long shower or a warm cosy bath. Shower caddies are the perfect solution as it can be either hung on your shower enclosure or can be securely fitted in your shower are allowing you to place all your showering items and best of all having them handy for when you need them. Shower caddies are high quality designed with a solid brass body construction which is completed in heavy chrome electroplating for longer lasting and for peace of mind.
Curved Towel Rail

The last thing you want is to spend ages cleaning the soap and hand wash of your bathroom sink. Soap dishes and dispensers are the key way to keep your sink clean free, best of all still having it handy to use. There can be fitted to the wall or can sit on top of your basin.

Mirrors are a must in most bathrooms as it’s used first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Mirrors come in a wide range of designs, styles and sizes to complete the look of every individual bathroom. Although plain simple mirrors used to be popular, nowadays have become more modern with its built in stylish technology. Featuring stunning features such as led lights, built in Bluetooth and hidden internal shelves for additional storage. Led mirrors is a ideal way which you can add in additional lighting into your bathroom. Bluetooth mirrors are guaranteed to add a wow factor to any bathroom, allowing you connect with any Bluetooth device so you can music as you take a warm cosy bath or have a long shower. If your looking for additional storage for your bathroom, mirror cabinets are a great as it gives you the advantage of 2 in 1, a mirror for your everyday use and at the same time storage for your everyday items which are hidden behind soft close doors.

When it comes to having a bath or shower the last thing you want is for your towel to get wet, Entirely Bathrooms offer a wide range of towel holder which not only will they keep your towels out of the way remaining dry but they can be mounted on the wall anywhere in the bathroom which suits you and best of all keeping them handy when you need them the most. One of our latest trend is the Cassellie Rose Frosted Glass Soap Dish, stylishly designed with a modern frosted look which is electroplated chrome with a solid brass body construction and completed with a lifetime guarantee.

When it comes to storing toothbrushes everyone likes to keep them near the basin, handy for when its needed but out of the way when you or your family are washing your hands, toothbrush holders are an ideal way to keep clean and dry as it can either be mounted on the wall or can sit neatly on top of the basin, giving you easy access for when needed.

Everyone uses towels in there bathroom whether it’s for your hand and face, body or hair, we all use them at some point. One problem that occurs in most bathrooms is that the towels get in the way, which means they might fall on the floor or get wet. Towel bars are a great way to stop this from happening. The single or double bar gets mounted on the wall to suit you, keeping your towel handy and most of all dry and clean. They are designed with electroplated chrome finish as most of all constructed of solid brass with a lifetime guarantee. Providing easy access to your towels and best of all keeping them dry and fresh.

Bathroom heating is key in every bathroom so why not complete the look of your dream bathroom with a stunning heated towel rail, not only will it provide additional heat to the bathroom but will also keep your towels warm, dry and feeling and smelling fresh. A popular design is the Cassellie CHTR5/10 Hayle Curved Heated Towel Rail 1000mm x 500mm which is designed with a stunning curved profile rails with a polished chrome finish and finished with a 10 year guarantee for peace of mind. This beautiful design is available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit every individual need.