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Guide to Bath Types

Single end  twin grip bath in whiteWhen it comes to variations of baths, there is no shortage of options. The more standard style of bath is the single end. This is where the bath filler or bath/shower mixer taps are on one end. These are usually available in a rectangular design, ranging anywhere from 1400mm to 1800mm. The standard size is 1700mm. The F+P Fresssh Granada Single End Twin Grip Bath (right) features the classic single end design with a few practical modern touches, such as the twin grip handles to provide extra stability, as well as an anti-slip baseboard. But these days there are many other styles to consider…


Double Ended Baths

Double End baths have the bath filler taps in the middle on the side of the bath. Both ends of the bath are usually curved for comfort, so no matter what side you climb in it is the same. This option is excellent for families, if you aren’t sure which way around to install your new bath or if you have the luxury of space. The double end variation is available in all sorts of sizes including the standard 1700mm and range to a custom width of 1800mm. Twin end bath Cascade FressshA brilliant example is the Fresssh Cascade Twin End Bath (right) which is available in a very spacious 1800mm x 800mm or a relaxing 1700mm x 750mm. With large capacities of 210/230 litres and a comprehensive manufacturer guarantee of 25 years for that extra piece of mind. We have the right double end bath for you, here at Entirely Bathrooms.


Frontlines Kubix Twin Skinned BathFreestanding Baths

To provide a real touch of elegance, freestanding baths are here to do exactly that. The picture that is synonymous with this category is the traditional slipper style baths. Don’t worry as we stock a beautiful range just like this. Also available are the newer more contemporary styles, with toughened baseboards and huge water capacity. If you have the space for one of these statements of design, they make a great centrepiece, especially when complemented with a freestanding tap mixer setup. One such design is Frontlines’ Kubix Twin Skinned Bath (above left). Not only does it look stunning, but with twin skinned construction, this bath has extremely high build quality. It comes to you in a super spacious 1700mm x 800mm x 600mm. When purchased from us you receive an exclusive sale price, as well as a comprehensive guarantee with the option of adding on matching accessories for a package deal.

L Shaped Bath in an anthracite tiled bathroomL-Shaped, P-Shaped and Alternative Baths

For that unique flavour to your bathroom, there is the world of alternative baths. These are styles that are equipped with fantastic benefits and are becoming the new trend for the bathroom. L-shaped baths are at the forefront of the movement and no-one can deny the practicality that comes hand in hand with these. P and B-shaped baths are of a similar design, with their pivoting screens and sleek front panels. As bathroom furniture moves into more contemporary styles, it is now important for your bath to follow on from this. So these baths are stunning to look at, very practical and now affordable, making them an all round good package. Feel free to check out our stunning range of L-shape bathroom suites, which include an L-shape bath with a full suite package to match.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths are here for that extra touch of luxury. With LED lights as well as packages ranging from 6-24 jets, what better way to make your bathroom the ultimate indulgence? These jet packages are scientifically proven to have significant health benefits. We stock an excellent range here at Entirely Bathrooms.

Corner Baths and Space Saving

Having a functioning and enjoyable bathroom has become all about maximising your space. There are many smaller baths available on the market today, but have you ever thought of corner baths? With new styles and designs to fit your bath neatly into a corner, this will increase the space that you can use for storage or any other facilities you maybe thought that you didn’t have room for. These baths are well worth considering.

If you have any or enquiries about baths or anything else, please don’t hesitate get in touch.

How to Choose a Bathroom Suite

Shower enclosure and tray

Vanity Units London

London is a great place to live with a diverse population spanning over 8.1 million. The capital city of the UK is described by many as the cultural hub of the United Kingdom with its style and art history flowing through the city. 

If you are looking to reduce clutter, save space and also create a seamless finish, vanity units for your London residence can be a great solution. There is a vast array of colours schemes and different designs available on the market today, from the traditional white to the more modern gloss grey style and everything in between. Here at Entirely Bathrooms, we have fantastic ranges to suit your every need, so regardless of budget or you personal taste, we have the right vanity unit for you. 

Part of our nature here at Entirely Bathrooms, is to assist you at every step. We have a dedicated customer service team who are committed to helping you choose the right vanity unit in London and beyond.

An amazing example of a great vanity unit at a great price is the Cassellie Idon Steel 500mm Vanity Unit & Black Glass Basin – ID50BU-GRY. This cabinet features soft close double doors and a stylish black glass basin which complements the gloss anthracite brushed steel grey of the unit itself. It combines beautiful design with ultimate practicality, with storage options available for your convenience. This unit features an extremely useful service area to the rear which allows easy access to any pipe work, but doesn’t compromise the integrity of the storage facilities. The black glass basin on this unit is coated with an anti scratch treatment so that the stunning looking basin retains its fresh new look for years to come. With its flowing design it allows the water to run naturally into the waste with minimal splashing. We have an excellent range of vanity units and many other products for your complete bathroom here at Entirely Bathrooms, we are here to cater for every taste and budget to ensure that there is something for everyone at our comprehensive online store. In the form of excellent vanity units there are many styles and colours there for you to choose from in several different sizes from small cloakroom units that start at just 400mm in width to large storage solutions such as 1000mm multi-storage vanity units and the 11000mm L Shaped Furniture packages. 

We make life easier for you, as all our units are rigid built. This means that you don’t need to spend hours assembling your product. At your home in London, your vanity unit will arrive ready to be installed.

If you have any queries, questions or you simply need assistance choosing the right components for your new bathroom, our team of experts are here to guide you from start to finish, through every step to ensure that you have the bathroom of your dreams. You can contact us by phone, email or through our friendly form on our website. 

L-Shaped Furniture Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the main cultural hubs of the country, with a fantastic history in design and architecture. As one of the biggest cities in the West Midlands, it is a great place to live. The city contains multiple 18th century landmarks resonating from the industrial revolution. It could be said that your home in Birmingham can follow on from the theme of design that runs through the city. With any home, every room is important to keep a flowing style throughout. Like your living room, the bathroom is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration as it’s a space that gets used several times every day. L-Shaped Furniture for your Birmingham residence can effectively transform the look of your bathrooms as a whole; they have the ability to adapt to your own personal style. If you have a modern room, then these storage facilities combined with the functionality of the basin provide a great minimalist feel and can match your current decor.

Here at Entirely Bathrooms we are 100% committed to our customers, ensuring that everyone experiences great service from the moment you place your order to the second your exciting product gets delivered. We hand pick the best ranges and the best styles to suit you. One of the great styles on offer comes in the contemporary form, which will fit right at home in your bathroom in Birmingham is the Cassellie Maze White Designer L Shaped Furniture 1100mm. This carefully selected package contains the key components for creating your dream bathroom, with the main focus being the beautifully designed one piece basin which measures at 1100mm in length. The seamless effect of this furniture creates a flowing theme throughout. One of greatest advantages of L-Shaped Furniture in Birmingham is that it allows you to store items away, through its soft close doors, which reduces clutter in the home. Here at Entirely Bathrooms we supply a comprehensive ten year manufacturers guarantee to give you peace of mind when selecting the components for your bathroom. 

The Cassellie Maze L-Shaped furniture has some really great features including a high gloss white finish that is applied in a multi-layer format to improve scratch resistance. Also supplied is a full WC package which inserts seamlessly into the vanity unit with a concealed dual flush cistern as well as a stylish semi-square Daisy Lou back to wall pan and soft close seat. This fantastic package is the answer to a low cost and well designed suite for your bathroom. Taps are sold separately, however there is a vast range of accessories to complement your new L-Shaped Furniture for your Birmingham residence. 

If you require any assistance when choosing your L-Shaped Furniture from Birmingham, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated customer service team here to help and make life easier for you. With extensive ranges for your complete bathroom there is no reason why not to get your bathroom ticked off your checklist today!

Cloakroom Vanity Units Manchester

The city of Manchester is well-known for the want to re-invent its industrial past into a pioneering and ambitious future. With historic buildings and fantastic architecture, your residence in Manchester can follow on from the modern new designs that are resonating through the city.

For cloakrooms and small bathrooms it is essential to save room wherever possible, it’s all about maximising the space you have. They are many new innovative products on the market today to help you with this. For your home in Manchester, cloakroom vanity units can be one of the best solutions. 

Nothing is better for reducing clutter than the Cassellie Compact Deluxe Medium Oak Vanity Unit 500mm – CHI010. Its natural oak finish creates an airy comfortable environment, whilst through its soft close doors there is room for your everyday items to reduce clutter. It also features a sleek offset basin, meaning that you don’t need to compromise on practicality nor aesthetics. The vanity unit itself has coated aluminium handles which actively reduce wear and tear which may have affected it in the decades to come. It also has a multi-layer finish incorporated into it to make sure that the cabinet is less liable to scratching. Here at Entirely Bathrooms we offer extensive comprehensive manufacturers guarantees with most products to give you that extra re-assurance when selecting new items for your bathroom. Taps and wastes are sold separately, however there are many different styles to choose from at our online store. Like all the furniture that we supply here at Entirely Bathrooms, the Cassellie Compact Deluxe Medium Oak vanity unit in the 500mm size will arrive direct to your door rigid built. This means that the cabinet will be delivered by one of our friendly couriers complete and ready to install directly into your bathroom or cloakroom, with us there is no need to waste hours upon hours of your day assembling the new item you purchased from flatpack. 

Most cloakrooms are great for installation of bathroom goods. Usually they are a similar size to a small bathroom; one of the most common ideas is to place in a vanity unit and possibly a toilet pan. As well as the medium oak vanity unit that we were talking about above, there is now the option to add a streamlined effect with a compact WC unit which will flow beautifully with its slimline design. They are also very practical too and most are equipped with a specialist slimline cistern which has great flushing capacity and this will save you vital room as oppose to a standard depth unit. 

There is something for everyone at Entirely Bathrooms. If you need any assistance, we have a dedicated customer service team here to help. You can contact us by telephone, email or by using our friendly contact form on our website. There are many different styles to choose from here at Entirely Bathrooms including a comprehensive range of bathroom furniture to set the theme off for your bathroom.

Basins London 

Picking the right basin for your bathroom is key, as bathrooms are used on a daily basis in London, you want it to be functional and practical but at the same time durable, giving your peace of mind.

 Nowadays you are spoilt with the amount of basins that are available, from just a plain simple basin to a sleek elegant basin unit. Whether you are simply replacing your basin or transforming your bathroom, our come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so no matter how small an area you have, you sure will find the right one for you. Basins aren’t only a part of your everyday essential but are a big part of your dream bathroom. Basins will complete the overall look of your bathroom, no matter if you are creating a modern or traditional theme, our designs are created to complement any bathroom, and we guarantee you sure will find the right basin for you and your family. 

 Making it easier and simple to clean, most of our basins are made from ceramic, giving you peace of mind. So why not take the time out and see what fits perfectly for you. 

London have great ways to save space, if you have a narrow or small bathroom, we have a range of wall mounted basin, which get mounted on the wall at any height to suit you or corner basins, which sit neatly in any used corner of the bathroom, without taking up much space. For larger spaces, or any bathroom size we have a fine selection of pedestal basins, as the pedestal stands directly on the floor and the basin sits neatly onto or we also have semi recessed basins, where half of the basin gets fitted in a unit. 

Here in London, as we all know bathroom storage is essential in every bathroom, if you are limited to space or prefer the extra storage, we also have a vast range of basin units, which won’t only give you a functional basin but at the same time will give you a elegant unit, giving you the advantage to store away your everyday essentials, handy for when you need them. Bathroom basin units come in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes, from traditional styles which are square to our stylish modern designs which are curved.


Finding the style that perfectly suites you, taking into account the overall layout and design of your bathroom. Ensuring you has plenty of space for other products and most of all having enough space to walk. 

When spoilt for choice, sometimes it can be difficult to choose. Taking into account that basin are one of your everyday essential, its key that is should be functional, if we can assist you in any way, feel free to contact our friendly staff on 0300 3800 629

Corner Units Birmingham

Being one of the best hotspots in the UK for cultural diversity and art history, this magnificent city is a homely place to live. With its throwback to the industrial revolution and its new emerging designs and architecture, it could be said that style runs through this city like no other. Birmingham has a population spanning over 1 million, it could be said that the aspect and love of design flows through the homes of the largest city in the West Midlands. 

When designing, upgrading or simply replacing a component within your bathroom, there are a few essentials to keep in mind. Firstly, everything needs to follow a theme to streamline and develop the overall aesthetics of the room. Furthermore, you need something that is practical, a very important aspect is maximising the space that you have available. In your bathroom in Birmingham, Corner Units are a fantastic way to take advantage of any unused corner space. Exclusively here at Entirely Bathrooms, we are offering the Premier 2 Door Corner Cloakroom Vanity Unit – NVC180A for sale with a comprehensive 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Other fantastic features include smooth soft close doors below its ceramic basin and a high quality multi-layer white gloss finish. All the components assembled for this vanity unit are of the highest quality, built to UK and European regulations with the Entirely Bathrooms flavour included. Premier are one of the biggest and more premium brands that we have the pleasure to work with, as with all the products we supply a cast iron guarantee is in place for that extra slice of re-assurance. 

Not only are corner units great for bathrooms, but alternatively they can be a fantastic and practical addition to your cloakroom. With a vanity unit placed in the corner, the design will vastly improve the space. As well as it being a great space saving solution, the above-mentioned corner cloakroom vanity unit by Premier has a sleek but subtle design and with it being in white it also allows it to match with any other furniture that you may have or want to complement your cloakroom with. 

Please note that taps and other accessories such as wastes are sold separately from this product, however they are widely available at our online store. From waterfall designs to the more classic traditional style, we have many items that are tailored to suit any taste or budget. Installing taps and wastes onto your brand new corner unit for your Birmingham residence couldn’t be simpler, especially as the cabinet is supplied in a fully assembled format, leaving you to focus on the things that are important to you. 

Here at Entirely Bathrooms we have a dedicated customer service team who are here to help you with the purchase of your new Corner Unit for your Birmingham residence. Our experts, with years in the trade, are committed to making sure that you have the bathroom you have always dreamed of. If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our web form, phone number or email address.

Bathroom accessories London 

When it comes to the finishing touches, there are many ways you can complete the look of your bathroom. Whether you are transforming your bathroom in London or simply changing a few accessories, we have a wide selection, which will complete your bathroom in no time. Even the small little things can make such a difference, but most of all, will keep your bathroom clutter free and looking clean at all times. The important thing about bathroom accessories is that they should be functional and the same time durable, giving you peace of mind. 


If you happen to have free wall space, why not fill it up with a designer mirror, whether it’s just a standard mirror or a Bluetooth mirror, which gets paired up with any Bluetooth device, allowing you to play music as you use the bathroom. There are many different types of mirrors available, which are equally complementary to any bathroom. 

Keep your toothbrushes clean and handy, for when needed, choose from our range of stylish toothbrush holders, which get mounted on the wall for easy access. 

When it comes to washing your hands, everyone uses soap or handwash or some use both, making it simple and easy for you, we have a wide selection of soap dishes and dispensers, which first of all match, creating a seamless look but at the same time, helps to keep your basin area clean. 

As you step out of a warm shower or bath in London, the worst thing you can have is coming out to a wet towel or clothing. As we have the perfect solution to keep your towels and robes, with a stylish range of towel rails & rings and hooks and hangers, as they wont only keep your items dry and smelling fresh at all times, but can get fitted anywhere to suit you, allowing easy access.  

All bathrooms here in London need some sort of lighting, and everyone has different ideas, from the traditional styles, adding in a touch of bling and luxury with a designer chandelier or by adding in a touch of modern with the stylish range of downlights.                         

No matter how narrow your bathroom is, our vast range of chrome designer bathroom accessories at Entirely Bathrooms, come in a number of styles and designs, and best of all in a number of sizes, so no matter how small the space, you sure will find the right accessories. The beauties about our accessories here at Entirely Bathrooms match, so you can create a seamless look throughout your bathroom, giving you the best quality at affordable prices. 



Sometimes choosing the right accessories can be difficult, if we can assist you in any way, feel free to get in contact with us, where we will be happy to help. 

Bath Suites Glasgow

As every home has a bathroom/s its key that’s it’s functional, at the same time practical and durable.  

Taking into account bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, our packages come in a number of designs and styles, so no matter how big or small your bathroom is, we will have the perfect one for you. As we offer a wide range of stylish modern and traditional suites, helping to create every individual need. We have created packages, meaning the basin, toilet and bath are all matching creating a seamless look throughout. A place where you can relax and be stress free as you lay back and enjoy a warm cosy bubble bath, which come in a number of designs and styles, helping to make the most of your space. 

Here at entirely bathrooms we have made it easier for you, by building up the foundation of your everyday essential for your bathroom, as we have selected the finest products to provide a quick solution, instead of you having to take out the time to individually choose. Making it simpler we have selected the best quality products into a package, which contains a toilet, basin and bath. 

When choosing your bath suite, you don’t necessarily need to have a standard basin and pedestal and toilet, but can go for alternatives such as wall mounted, which can be mounted on the wall to suit you and free up floor space or corner suite, which will into any unused corner of the bathroom, without taking up to much space. There are many designs available here in Glasgow which will help to complete your bathroom without making it look small and cramped. 

When it comes to choosing the best bath for you to lay back and enjoy a warm cosy bath, well there are lots of designs available, from freestanding baths, which are ideal for big bathrooms or if you have a large space available or if you have a small space or bathroom, l shaped or p shaped baths are a great solution, as they are narrow on one end and larger on the other, giving you more space for a spacious bath or shower. Baths come in a number of sizes and designs, so no matter how small your space is, we have the perfect one for you. 

Completing the overall look of your bath, by adding in a stylish toughened safety glass bath screen, helping to stop any water leaving the showering area, as you take a warm bath or a spacious shower. Helping to prevent any slipping or accidents, giving you peace of mind. 


If you are looking for something pacific or have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly team, where we will be more than happy to assist you.