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Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom?

There are many ways why your toilet should be functional as well as practical and at the same time durable. Entirely Bathrooms offer a range of toilets for every individual need. Bathrooms are designed in all shapes and sizes which mean you may be limited to what you can get into the bathroom. The main thing to take into account is the space and design of the bathroom ensuring you have enough space for your other bathroom products. Bathroom toilets are often chosen by the designs of the bathroom, ensuring there is enough space for other bathroom goods. As you will be sharing the bathroom with your family, not only do you need to take your needs into account but also your families. You may have an elderly in the family which may have poor mobility which means they won’t to bent down and will need to have a toilet which is much higher than normal toilets or you may have kids in the family which means you need a toilet which is lower down.

Entirely Bathrooms toilets are designed and built with high quality construction for longer lasting, ensuring that they look and feel new for years to come. These toilets are designed so that the complement the look of your basin and bath, creating a flawless look throughout.

One of our popular toilets is the Cassellie Daisy Lou Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet & Seat which comes completed with the seat. The Stunning comfort height toilet is designed at a height of 465mm with ceramic construction and finished off with a soft close seat which is designed with a quick release feature. All wrapped up with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. This particular design will complement any modern or traditional bathroom theme. Entirely bathrooms have many other designs available, making it easier to create a seamless look throughout your bathroom.

Space is important in all bathrooms; the last thing you want is a cramped bathroom making it look and feel claustaphobic. A great way to save space in your bathroom is by choosing from our range of corner toilets. Corner toilets get fitted neatly into any unused corner of the bathroom without taking up much space. Although they are designed to make the most of the space you have in a small bathroom, they are equally great in large bathrooms. Create the perfect bathroom with Entirely Bathrooms Premier Saffron Corner Toilet Pan Semi-Flush to Wall – CSM004 which not only looks aesthetically modern but it is very practical for space saving with its comfort height pan, ceramic construction and its corner shaped cistern feature all enhanced with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee. This beautiful feature will allow you to save space and add in other necessary bathroom goods.

When it comes to cleaning, the last thing you want is to spend ages cleaning your toilet especially if you have small spaces and gaps. One of our toilets that don’t require much maintenance is the rimless toilets. Rimless toilets are very similar toilets but there is a slight difference, as the toilet doesn’t have a rim inside at the top like other toilets, making it much cleaner and hygienic. A great way to keep you toilet looking clean and tidy at all times and best of all making your cleaner a whole lot easier. An popular designs is the Cassellie Breeze Rimless Ceramic Pan Toilet & Seat – BZE-CCPAN which not only looks aesthetically modern but it is very practical with its rimless technology. Designed with ceramic construction, completed with a soft close seat and a 10 year guarantee for longer lasting.

When it comes to space, everyone is limited in some way. A great way to free up floor space is with Entirely Bathrooms range of wall hung toilets, with many advantage such as you can mount the on the wall at any height which suits you, these are great and ideal especially if you have a small bathroom and don’t have much space. They are available in a round, square and corner designs. Making it simple and easier to clean around the toilet, instead of having to take the time and effort to clean those small spaces, which can take up a lot of your time.

Entirely Bathrooms offer a wide range of toilets, for every individual need. Browse through our vast range we have to offer, if we can assist you in any way feel free to contact us on 0330 0800 629 were our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.