Small bathrooms: making the most of the space

white bath in the corner of a modern bathroom suite

Creating your dream bathroom can be difficult especially if you are limited to space. You may feel that you are restricted to what you can have in your bathroom because of the space, but there are many ways to get around it. Although space may be the issue, there is designs and styles which are designed for small narrow spaces.

white bath in the corner of a modern bathroom suitePampering yourself with a long cosy bath is the best way you can relax and de-stress yourself especially after a long hard day of work. Having some ‘me time’ is essential for everyone’s needs and who doesn’t love a bath? Providing a peaceful atmosphere and a great way to end the night for a good night’s sleep. But at the same time when you have those morning rushes and you want to have a quick shower and get away to work. Jumping quickly into the shower and straight back out and ready to go when you don’t have enough or much time for a bath. Unfortunately for small bathrooms you may not have the space for both which can be a problem as you may not be sure what to choose and which one is essential for yourself and all the family. Shower baths are the perfect and ideal way for small bathrooms as they are combined with a 2 in 1, a luxury bath to pamper and relax in and at the same time a striking spacious shower. A great way to save space but at the same time providing you with the best of both worlds so you don’t need to take the stress and time having to choose between a shower or bath.

Floor space is key in all small bathroom and ensuing you have enough floor to space and get about is important. When it comes to adding in furniture the space just gets smaller and smaller making the bathroom feel and looking claustrophobic , which can be a real problem in some bathrooms. Everyone wants to create their dream bathroom as it’s only done once and you want to get it right. There are a few ways which you can go about saving space but at the same time creating a functional bathroom, choosing a wall mounted basin and toilet which can get mounted on the wall at any height to suit you, freeing up the floor and at the same time making it easier and simpler to clean. Instead of a normal toilet which has a lot of depth add in a back to wall pan which gets fitted neatly against the wall and the workings of the toilet get hidden into a unit or can get fitted into the wall creating a clean crisp look. One of our latest trend of back to wall toilet is the Cassellie Loxely Modern Back to Wall Toilet Pan + Seat stunningly designed to complete the look of any modern or traditional bathroom. Solidly built for peace of mind and longer lasting and equipped with a soft close quick release seat finished in a brilliant white colour to complete the look of any bathroom colour theme.

mirro unit in white with glass frontMirrors are used daily throughout the day whether it’s to shave or do your make or the most popular reason to see how beautiful or handsome you look. As bathrooms are design in all shapes and sizes so are mirror. Choosing the right mirror for your small bathroom is important as you don’t want it to be too big and over power the bathroom but at the same time you don’t want it to be too small as it will look lost in the bathroom. A great way to make use of the free wall space is by choosing from Entirely Bathrooms range of mirror cabinets. Mirror cabinets give you the advantage to store away you everyday products and at the same time they are handy for when you need them. Mirror for your everyday use and hidden behind a door/s is internal shelves which are adjustable for your tall perfumes.

Storage is key to keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy at all times, the perfect way you can hide away your everyday products and giving you easy access for when needed. There are many ways to can store away your products for example if you add in a stylish basin unit, providing you with a high quality basin for your everyday use but at the same time a striking unit which are available in a number of designs, styles and sizes which are designing with internal storage and hidden with drawers and/or doors. But if you don’t happen to have enough space for a basin unit Entirely Bathrooms have a wide range of bathrooms accessories which will keep your bathroom clutter free and they are available in a number of styles and designs. They are great for those small bathrooms, as they are small themselves so they won’t get in the way.