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How to make clever use of your bathroom space with the right bathroom furniture?

As we all know bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why it’s important to make use of your bathroom space with the right furniture. Most bathrooms consist of a toilet, basin, shower enclosure or bath.

Whether you are creating a modern or traditional bathroom, furniture is the focus of any room; usually this is the basis for the overall theme of the bathroom. It will not only improve aesthetics, but will also help you to store away any unwanted or unused products. Below are a few ideas, how you can make clever use of your bathroom space:

  1. A clever way to make use of small or narrow bathrooms is by using up any unused corners, which will create space and room for other furniture.
  2. Save floor space, by mounting your necessities on the wall, such as mounted basins, vanity units, cupboards, pans, shelves and much more. This can create extra space, whilst giving you that modern look with great ease of use.
  3. If you have a small bathroom and can’t decide between a bath and shower enclosure, there is the innovative option of an elegant shower bath, which will give you 2 in 1, allowing you to take a warm bubble bath, as well as the ability to enjoy a spacious shower. They are available in various designs, from P-Shaped to L-Shaped and much more.
  4. Storage is the ideal solution to many things for any bathroom. If you don’t have much space, creating a clutter free bathroom has never been easier. You can achieve this by installing a mirror cabinet or vanity unit, as these can be the answer to your problems; supplying you with a fully functional mirror as well as storage space, to store away any products which you would like to keep away from children. Vanity units will give you a functional basin as well as storage in the unit, keeping any spare toilet roll and new towel dry and clean, along with any other products you wish to store away.

End result is a comfortable and homely bathroom, free of any clutter and mess.