Cabinets and Storage Birmingham

It could be said that nothing is more important to the overall look of the bathroom than storage facilities. It’s pointless investing in a beautiful room when it’s cluttered up with your everyday items. Vanity units are an excellent way to make use of the space underneath the sink in the bathroom. In the past, there was only the option of pedestal basins and standard toilets, but now you can combine the practicality of using your wash basin with storage, all wrapped up in a finish of your choice to create a seamless effect throughout your room.

In your home in Birmingham, cabinets and storage can be very beneficial to maximising the space you have available. Here at Entirely Bathrooms, we have carefully selected the ranges that will compliment your bathroom whilst simultaneously being practical enough, so that every day you step into the room; the facilities will cater to your every need.

The Premier Cashmere Vanity Unit – APL424 / APL426 is available in various sizes. This exclusive cabinet sports an undeniably beautiful and unique cashmere finish with a stylish poly marble mid edged basin. There is also the option of matching it with the cashmere WC unit in the same range. The vanity unit itself features coated aluminium handles to reduce any wear and tear that might have affected it in the decades to come. It also has a toughened multi-layer paint finish applied to it to ensure the cabinet stands the test of time and is less liable to scratching.

The unique cashmere finish of this particular vanity unit will help you to achieve a specialist style to the room that is tailored to suit you. It is harder to find cashmere units than it is for colours such as gloss white and even harder to find ones that look the part, the above vanity unit that is available in many different sizes that can be purchased from us here at Entirely Bathrooms does exactly that.

Birmingham is a city with reminders of the industrial revolution, its brand new architecture and design suggests that there is a contemporary future ahead. As a resident of this great city, it’s important for you to choose a design that fits into the stunning style of the city itself. The theme of your bathroom is something to keep in mind when selecting your cabinets and storage for your Birmingham residence. You want the room to flow elegantly with stylish colours. Whites are very in right now, or for something a little different, there is the option of a slightly more modern pallet such as greys and natural colours.

At Entirely Bathrooms, our bathroom experts will guide you through every step, making sure that you get the finish and styling that you have always wanted. We are committed to helping you, so why not drop us an email or give us a call today to find the bathroom of your dreams. We have many ranges that can help you get the end result that you are looking for.