Freestanding Baths Birmingham

Life can be busy and full of stress and sometimes it can feel like you never have any time to yourself. For this reason, we here at Entirely Bathrooms believe that there is no better way to unwind after a long day than taking a long soak in a hot bath, where you can be alone and feel totally stress-free. For our clients in a busy city like Birmingham we have an excellent range of freestanding baths, so that you can relax in a modern space with a luxurious tub.

It has been scientifically proven that taking a bath can have a number of great health benefits. Medically it has been claimed that baths can make your heart healthier as they help to reduce blood pressure. The heat can promote circulation and better blood flow, which also means you have a brief increase in calorie burning. A long bathe can also help your skin as it cleanses and moisturises, particularly if you add oils or salts to the water.

Most importantly though, submerging yourself in a bath can reduce stress and help you sleep better at night. Routinely inducing a feeling of comfort and ease is crucial to your mental health, especially if you live a busy and stressful life. At Entirely Bathrooms we want you to be able to have the best bathroom available, and with all these benefits offered, we feel a bath is a must-have for any dream bathroom.

Just because a bath is traditional doesn’t mean that it has to ‘date’ your bathroom. We have a range of stylish tubs that you can purchase and install into your ideal space. Freestanding Baths are a good option for those wanting a more dramatic classic bath, but with a contemporary twist. It takes centre stage in your room, working simultaneously as a bold statement piece and a luxurious way to wind down.

At Entirely Bathrooms we offer a range of Freestanding Tubs in various distinct designs to our customers not only in Birmingham but all over the UK; from the classical curves of our Traditional Slipper Style to the sharp edges of our Superspace Deluxe Twin Skinned, we have an option to fit all all styles so that you can create your ideal vision of a perfect bathroom.

If you think that your home in Birmingham deserves a Freestanding Bath, our range can be found on our website. For any additional information you can feel free to get in  with us.