Modern Freestanding Baths Stirling

If you want to live in a house with that extra wow factor, there is no better place to start than with the bathroom. It’s the one room of that you are guaranteed to go into at least once a day, so it’s an area that you should really put an extra focus on. For those looking for something special, nothing makes a statement quite like modern freestanding baths. Stirling is a city full of gorgeous houses, and if you want to stand out, a modern bathroom with a statement piece is definitely the way to go. At Entirely Bathrooms we have a range of stunning modern freestanding baths for Stirling clients to enjoy.

A bath is a crucial element of any luxurious bathroom. While a shower is more efficient, it is definitely more pleasurable to have a long soak in a tub. It is well known that a bath can instantly help boost your mood. In fact, this was scientifically proven in 2002 by the folks over at University of Wolverhampton. In their study, a daily bath significantly improved the mood of participation, with a boost in optimism also noted. Among a number of other health benefits, a bath can also help you sleep better at night. Life in a city can be exhausting, particularly if you work long hours, so this is a benefit not to be taken lightly. The worry when purchasing a bath is that it will ‘date’ your otherwise modern bathroom look. However, with our stunning range of products, this is something you need not worry about.

If you have the room for it, a freestanding bath is a great addition to any contemporary bathroom design. It provides you with all the benefits of a bath, while still giving you something unique that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest. You don’t have to worry about your bath making your room look out of fashion either, as Entirely Bathrooms have a number of gorgeous modern freestanding bathtubs that will complete any contemporary look.

Our stunning Darkmoon Deluxe Freestanding Bath is available in white or black, and can help you create an added aura of drama and romance. As well as being gorgeous, it is designed with practically in mind and has a pre fitted integral bath waste included within the design and a 200-litre capacity. If you compliment it with one of our fabulous mixer taps or bath fillers, you can create a bath that you will be proud to display centre stage in your bathroom. For those wanting a more classic yet still modern look, we have the Skyline Twin Skinned Freestanding Bath, which has the curves of a more traditional style, but the clean lines of a more modern tub.

If you’re a fashion forwards resident of a busy city like Stirling, you’ll have to make sure that your bathroom has that extra wow-factor. Modern freestanding baths added to your home in Stirling can totally transform your bathroom and help give you the contemporary home of your dreams. For additional details, please feel free to contact us via the phone on 0330 3800 629 or email us at