When you think about semi-pedestal basins, we aren’t quite sure what they are, well let Entirely Bathrooms guide you through. Semi-pedestal basins are a ceramic constructed basin and a semi-pedestal which doesn’t touch the floor like a full pedestal and basin but instead gets mounted on the wall.

Barquisimeto Semi-pedestal basins are ideal for any size bathrooms but are particularly great in cloakrooms and en-suites as normally they are quite small and limited to space. Entirely Bathrooms has a great selection of semi-pedestal basins which you can choose from, from square designs to round, completing the look of your traditional or modern bathroom in no time.

Entirely Bathrooms semi-pedestal basins are a ideal way to free up floor space, allowing you extra space in the bathroom and more space to walk, let’s be honest no one likes a small cramped bathroom which can make you fell claustrophobic, that’s just a no for everyone. Well with semi-pedestals you won’t have to worry about all that, as they simply get mounted on the wall with the basin sitting neatly on top, best of all you will be able to choose what height the semi-pedestal basin is mounted on the wall at, suiting a height for you and your family