Depending on the setup of your bathroom you will either require a front panel and/or a end panel to ensure a complete finishing look to your bath. They are available in different shapes and sizes to match your bath, and will help to hide any unsightly plumbing or pipes. They are durable and long lasting, giving you peace of mind.

Here at Entirely Bathrooms, bath front panels allow you to complete the look of your new or existing bath, allowing you to hide away any unsightly plumbing or pipework. After all we want to do it once and get it right.

Bath front panels are available of sizes, matching the size of your bath so you don’t need to worry about seeing any gaps and not to mention bath front panels are available in a range of high quality wooden and acrylic panels. Complementing the overall look of your bath, design in plain straight simple bath front panels to l and p shaped bath front panels. Bath front panels are available in a range of colours matching in with your bathroom colour scheme; after all you want it to all blend together. If you happen to have a bath front panel which is slightly bigger than your bath it can easily be cut down with a size to suit you with hand held tools.

Matching to the bath front panel we have matching bath end panels available in the same material and design of your bath front panel, creating a seamless look.

Complete your bathroom today with Entirely Bathrooms designer range of bath front panels.