Single Ended Baths Single ended baths are the best for pampering yourself, allowing you to lay back in  a relaxing warm water with your favourite bubble bath giving you the best soothing, calm atmosphere, what could be a better way to relax? Single ended baths are designed with a slop at one end of the bath and square at the other end, allowing you to choose whether you prefer your bath taps in the middle of the bath or on the square side, the choice is all yours. Entirely Bathrooms single ended baths are designed in a wide selection, from plain simple designs to more extraordinary with ornate  designs, we have them all available in modern and traditional styles, so when it comes to completing your bathroom, you sure will find the perfect single ended baths for you.

At Entirely Bathrooms we cater for all individuals as we know not everyone has the advantage of a large bathroom and we know how hard and difficult it can be to complete a small bathroom due to the space, so this is why Entirely Bathrooms single ended baths come in a vast range of sizes, helping you to complete your dream look in no time.