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Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures can either be an alternative to a bath or completement a bath for when you need a quick wash. They are also very practical, for example, for people with mobility issues.

We have a wide range or luxurious, quality shower enclosures of various types to choose from at Entirely Bathrooms. They come in vairous shapes and types and it is important that you properly measure your bathroom’s dimensions before choosing an enclosure as we we have a varity of them to fit every bathroom shape.

How to choose the right shower enclosure for you

The doors

Hinged doors: This means the door open on hinges, either outwards or inwards from the enclosure. When choosing this type of door, consider the space just outside the enclosure in your bathroom and whether it would be too cramped or cause an obstruction.

Sliding doors or bifold doors: These doors are designed to take up less space in your bathroom and either cover the entire length of the enclosure or a part of it.

Walk in Showers: These help create a luxury spa shower experience and are perfect if you have a larger bathroom or for people with restricted mobility. Unlike a traditional shower cubicle, a walk in shower does not have door hinges or runners that can trap dirt or mould.

In addition to these, we also have a wide range of shapes which include Offset Quadrant Enclosures, Rectangular Enclosures, Quadrant Enclosures, Square Enclosures and Frameless Enclosures.

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The primary benefit of purchasing a shower enclosure from a seller like us is the guarantee of quality, as sellers we often use high-grade materials that are built to last and offer a long product lifespan. Additionally, we may offer more personalised services to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases, including free delivery and installation services.

With us, there are a wide variety of shower enclosures available, ranging from traditional enclosures like quadrant or rectangular units, to more modern and contemporary options such as curved corner and square corner enclosures. All-in-one shower enclosures, which are a combination of a shower tray and enclosure, are also becoming increasingly popular.

In order to ensure that the shower enclosure you choose will fit in your bathroom, it is important to take accurate measurements of the space for the enclosure and compare them to the dimensions of the shower enclosure. Additionally, taking into account the placement of doors and windows, determining the shape of the bathroom, and considering any permanent bathroom fixtures, such as a vanity or toilet, can help to ensure the shower enclosure fits properly in the space.

When selecting a shower enclosure, there are a number of safety considerations that should be taken into account. First, it is important to make sure that the shower enclosure is made from a material that is waterproof and non-slip. This is to ensure that you won’t slip while showering and that no water will leak through the shower enclosure. Second, the enclosure should be securely fitted to the walls of the bathroom. This is important, as if the enclosure is not securely bolted to the wall, it may become unstable and could cause serious injury if it were ever to fall. Third, the enclosure should be checked for any sharp edges or corners that could cause injury.

When selecting a shower enclosure, several installation and maintenance requirements should be taken into consideration, including the amount of space available to install the enclosure, the type of material the enclosure is made from, the positioning of plumbing fixtures and drainage, the size and shape of the enclosure, the type of door closure (hinged, sliding, etc.), the durability and longevity of the enclosure, and the accessibility of the enclosure for regular cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, it is important to factor in any warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer, as well as the cost of additional accessories and any professional installation services.

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