Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant enclosures are ideal for any bathroom, making use of any spare corner of your bathroom.

Quadrant enclosures are fitted neatly into any used corner of your bathroom without getting in the way of your bathroom and saving up floor space for other bathroom goods. Quadrant enclosures are a tray which is fitted on the floor with striking chrome finish profiles with toughened safety glass panels and completed with chrome finish handle/s on a single or double sliding mechanism door/s.

Entirely Bathrooms quadrant enclosures are simple and easy to get in and out of and if you happen to have any children, elderly or someone with poor mobility in the family, this will definitely be ideal for you, allowing you to shower away without any stress or fuss.

The beauty about quadrant enclosures is that they are curved at the front so you don’t need to worry about any sharp edges and best of all giving you more bathroom space to walk about, what else could you ask for?

Making the most of your bathroom space available, quadrant enclosures are built in a range of sizes, completing the look of your bathroom in no time, so what are you waiting for, browse through our amazing range right here at Entirely Bathrooms where you sure will be spoilt for choice.