Freestanding taps are equally beautiful on both modern and traditional bathrooms. Freestanding taps are designed to help you to create a striking bathroom look, with our vast range of freestanding taps to choose from, your dream bathroom look will be complete real soon. Entirely Bathrooms freestanding taps are built with love and care ensuring you get the best bathroom taps lasting for years, after all everyone wants to do it once and get it right without having to worry about it after a few months.

Freestanding taps are stylish modern or traditional bathroom taps which stand over your bath, creating a beautiful atmosphere as your water flows into your bath when operated. These stylish freestanding taps are available in square and round designs, making it easy for your to tie in with your other bathroom products as well as creating a seamless look throughout the bathroom.

Amazingly freestanding taps are fitted to the floor and all pipework, fixings and plumbing is hidden away so you won’t have to worry about seeing anything unsightly, giving your bathroom a clean crisp look as well as making your cleaning a whole lot easier and we can all agree that no one likes to spend ages having to clean in the bathroom.