Back To Wall Toilets

mydriacyl 1% 5ml mg Here’s the thing, all bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes and we all know when it comes to renovating a small bathroom, just how confusing that can be. Not here at Entirely Bathrooms it won’t be, as we have the ideal way for you to make the most of those small bathrooms with our elegant range of back to wall toilets. Back to wall toilets are amazing in many ways as not only can they help to save space by mounting the cistern and working in the wall hidden away with a clean crisp look as the toilet sits neatly against the wall but you may have a large bathroom where you prefer to add in a wc unit which hides away the workings, fixings and cistern, so in future if you ever need access its right there for you. Completing the overall look back to wall toilets are finished off with a stylish round or square dual flush button.

Entirely Bathrooms back to wall toilets are designed to last for decades as we take care and pride to ensure you get the best value for your money, constructed with ceramic, what else could you ask for? Your bathroom, your choice, your back to wall toilets.