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Pros & Cons of Electric Vs Thermostatic Showers

Choosing the right shower can be difficult, When you are selecting your shower, you want something that is practical and durable but at the same time. Think about the shower that will work for you and your plumbing system. As there are different styles on the market, you are guaranteed to find the right shower for your bathroom. Becoming increasingly popular, are showers with built in body jets, like the Mercury panel shower from Entirely Bathrooms, featuring three adjustable jets for an enhanced showering experience.
Electric showers are simple and easy to use, and easy to install as it requires to be plumbed to a cold feed, as they have their own built in unit. The beauty of an electric shower is that you can have the facility to control the temperature without having to spend too much money, making it an affordable solution. There is a great selection of showers on the market today, with the leaders being brands such as Mira and Triton. There are certain disadvantages to electric showers; one of the main issues with them is that if you choose to go for a higher kilowatt, this can affect your electricity bill.
They can be installed anywhere without the use of a boiler system.

There are many different showers, which can be more powerful than an electric shower.
The great thing about a thermostatic shower is that you can add in a shower pump, which will give you extra power for a better water temperature. Another brilliant feature is that this type of shower is that the temperature will always remain the same, so if someone turns on a tap, or flushes the toilet, there won’t be any sudden changes in the temperature; also giving you a safety device of TMV scheme 2, which is an anti-scold system. It wont allow the water to go any higher than 38 degrees, unless the operator chooses to, giving you peace of mind when they are children or elderly involved. They are available in single or double head, and also available with body jets, giving you a luxury showering experience, whether it is in an enclosure or bath.