How to Choose a Bathroom Suite

Bathroom suites are the complete package to renew or replace your current bathroom. There is a lot of thought that needs to be taken, as this can determine the theme, the practicality and so much more every time you walk into the bathroom in your home. Sometimes this task can seem monumental, as the setup you choose is designed to be with you for the decades to come. But here at Entirely Bathrooms, we are here to guide you through the once daunting exercise of research and implementation of your new bathroom suite.  We have a large and comprehensive range of bathroom suite packages from L-Shape to vanity unit suites and everything in-between. There is also the option of selecting each of the items individually to create your own suite.

Which bathroom suite is best – first steps

L Shaped Bath in an anthracite tiled bathroomShower enclosure and trayIt could be said that the first step is to determine what is going to be the best fit for you. Choosing the right bathroom is all about maximising the space you have available. There’s no point selecting a 400mm vanity unit if you have a very large bathroom and vice versa, as you can install perhaps an 800mm or a 1000mm wide unit with vast storage space to save room elsewhere. It is also a good idea to decide early on whether it is a shower wet room setup you are looking for or a bath/shower type of layout. Nowadays you can take out a 1700mm bath and straight away install a shower enclosure with a large tray to give you plenty of space.

Feel free to browse our extensive ranges here at Entirely Bathrooms. In partnership with Scudo and many other reputable manufacturers, we supply extremely stylish wet rooms at very affordable prices. We carefully select the finest ranges to save you time. All of our enclosures are equipped with extensive guarantees, toughened safety glass and stone based trays. There are lots of sizes for you to choose from, so that you can find a shower that is tailored to suit you. There are also many baths to choose from should you decide to go for this option, from freestanding to double end, single end to corner baths.
Once this is decided then we can move onto the bathroom furniture.

Bathroom Furniture SuitesL Shaped Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture could be described as the centrepiece of the bathroom. It assigns the theme to the room, whether it is a modern or more traditional approach you are after, there are many options to choose from. White is usually the safest colour to go for and is still the most popular, as it’s a fairly safe bet that it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. However, now there are many different colour schemes and designs available, such as gloss grey which is very fashionable right now, it is important that you have something that fits your style.

There’s no point in just going for a plain white square unit if you favour the more contemporary feel. L-Shaped Furniture Suites are very popular as they provide all of your storage requirements with the addition of a sleek one piece basin of either 900mm, 1100mm or larger, with the toilet pan and WC unit composed in the same vicinity. When it comes to furniture, there is no right or wrong choice, just the opportunity for you to add your personal flavour into some great units that suit your needs.

Colour Schemes and Themes

One of the most highly debated topics for a bathroom suite is whether to go for tiling or the new fad that is wet wall. There’s no doubt that the benefits of wet wall are outstanding. They are waterproof, thick and durable, as well as being much easier to maintain with no grout lines etc. They are also very easy to install. New Tile Effect wet wall is coming very soon to Entirely Bathrooms. When selecting the right wall/ceiling colour and design, you should consider the vanity units and furniture that you have chosen as it will need to complement this.

Finishing TouchesBluetooth mirror

The finishing touches are the icing on the cake. By this stage you have chosen the essentials, the style and more. Now it’s time to take a look at the last steps to finalise your dream bathroom. Taps are very important as these can enhance the look of your basin unit or bath. Waterfall taps are becoming ever popular. As well as taps to think about, bathroom accessories are a big piece of the puzzle.

After a complete redesign or renovation, you will need your basic amenities such as: toilet roll holders, towel holders, robe hooks, plugs and wastes, panels and more. Mirrors are also very important; we supply a great range of mirrors including Bluetooth enabled products and mirrors with atmospheric mood lighting. The Cassellie LED Bluetooth Mirror (above right) is equipped with touch sensors, speakers and LED’s transforming the utilities of a standard mirror.

Get in Touch About Your Perfect Bathroom Suite

We have covered many areas of how to choose a bathroom suite. On this part of the website you will find many different combinations that are designed to be installed straight away. If you are unsure and have any enquiries about anything we have discussed or something unique, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a friendly member of our customer service department will be happy to assist.