What are waterfall taps?

Who knew by simply changing your taps, you could create a new look and feel to your bathroom?  Whether you are transforming your bathroom or replacing your taps, Entirely Bathrooms offer a wide range of waterfall taps to suit any bathroom theme.

Waterfall taps are a great an ideal way to modernise your bathroom and a great way to create a wow factor in any bathroom. Creating a stylish waterfall effect as the water runs from the tap. Most bathrooms are designed with the same basin and bath taps, creating a seamless look throughout the bathroom.  Elegant taps which your friends and family will copy you with.

Ideally most people prefer to tie in there taps with their furniture theme, for example if you have square furniture then choose square taps or if you have furniture that are curved or round then add in stylish soft curves. Although taps come in a vast range of designs and styles, there isn’t a tap quite like the waterfall which adds in luxury. UK waterfall taps are designed for your everyday essential use, from basins to baths, but it doesn’t stop there as there are many there are many other designs available like wall mounted taps – which get mounted on the wall to create a spacious look and feel and are ideal for small bathrooms or freestanding taps – which stand alone over the bath creating a luxury and modern look.

Waterfall taps come in a vast range, our award winning tap is the Cassellie Dunk Waterfall tap which is designed for baths with solid brass body and electroplated with a mirror look chrome finish. Entirely Bathroom taps are etched with h and c indicators and are designed with a long life ceramic disc technology. Stylish lever which control the hot and cold water designed with smooth action to operate. This stunning tap is suitable for both low and high pressures.

Matching the bath tap we have our basin tap, creating a seamless theme, your water flows into the sink whilst the remaining practical with advanced anti-splash technology with built in water diffusers. Designed with high quality chrome finish and brass construction. Smooth operating levers which control the hot and cold water. All designed and equipped with a 10 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Design your dream bathroom with a stylish waterfall tap.