How to choose the right toilet?

breeze rimless close/coupled pan

When it comes to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom there are a few things which you should take in consideration like the overall bathroom size and they layout of the bathroom. This will help you to design your bathroom as well as making sure you have enough space for other bathroom goods as well as enough space to walk because the last thing you want is a cramped bathroom making it feel claustrophobic and let’s face it, no one wants that.

Here at Entirely Bathrooms we have a vast range of toilets to suit everyone, so when it comes to transforming your bathroom, you sure will be spoilt for choice. All Entirely Bathrooms toilets are designed and built with the best care and provided in a ceramic construction, lasting for decades to come as well as making your cleaning a whole lot easier.

Wall mounted toilets are ideal for any bathroom size but are particularly ideal fro small bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites where you can be limited to floor space. Entirely Bathrooms wall mounted toilets get mounted on the wall to suit you, so if you have to have children, elderly or someone who may have a poor mobility that finds it hard to bend down, this will work a treat for you. The beauty about wall mounted toilets is that they help to save floor space as well as you won’t have to worry about cleaning around the toilet and let’s face it we all know how annoying it can get when trying to clean small spaces and gaps, trying to keep the bathroom looking clean at all times. With wall mounted toilets there are no visible pipework or plumbing and with easy operation for the wall mounted toilet, you will have a square or round dual flush button of your choice, which you simply press once used the toilet, giving the bathroom a clean crisp look.

Back to wall toilets are similar to wall mounted toilets, but instead of getting mounted higher up onto the wall, back to wall toilets sit on the floor. Back to wall toilets are completed either with a wc unit where the cistern and connections of the toilet are hidden away in the wc unit or if you don’t have the space for the wc unit, you can simply hideaway all the workings into the wall and simply have the dual flush button visible which is used to flush the toilet.

Corner toilets are excellent for those small narrow bathroom spaces as they sit neatly into any unused corner of the bathroom without taking up much space. Built with ceramic construction corner toilets are designed with a angles cistern which gets fitted into the corner of the toilet, still giving you plenty of space to use the toilet and best of all helping you to save bathroom floor space to wall or even for other bathroom products.  One of Entirely Bathrooms popular corner toilet is the Premier Saffron Corner Toilet Pan Semi-Flush to Wall, this striking corner toilet is built with a ceramic construction and designed at a comfort height, with stunning features like corner shaped cistern, helping to save space. Corner toilets are designed in a range of modern and traditional designs, so when it comes to completing your bathroom, you sure will be spoilt for choice.

Comfort height toilets are toilets which are higher than normal toilets, they are perfect for anyone who find it hard to bend down, as the toilet is designed at a higher high they won’t have to worry about that. Ideally comfort height toilets will make your life a lot easier if you have elderly or someone with poor mobility as they will be able to use the toilet without any hassle and fuss, after all you want to create a bathroom which not only practical for yourself but also for the rest of the family.

Rimless toilets will make your clean a simpler as the toilet is designed without a rim inside the toilet unlike other toilets which do have a rim inside them. With a rimless toilet you don’t have to spend ages cleaning the toilet, making sure you get in all those small gaps which can take a lot of time and effort. Simply flush the rimless toilet and the water swirls around inside the toilet in a circular motion, washing the toilet as you flush it, keeping your toilet clean at all time, perfect if you are always busy working and barely have enough time for yourself. A popular style of rimless toilet is the Cassellie Breeze Rimless Ceramic Pan Toilet & Seat, oozing with the latest rimless features, built with a ceramic construction, lasting for years to come and completed with a comprehensive 10 years manufacturers guarantee.

Cloakroom toilets are toilets which are designed a bit smaller than normal toilets making the most of your bathroom space. With cloakroom toilets you will be able to create a functional and practical bathroom for your everyday use even if you are limited to space.

High level toilets are toilets which are completed with a cistern which is mounted higher than the toilet and finished off with a pull flush button to flush button. High level toilets are ideal if you are creating a traditional bathroom as the toilets are completed with striking traditional designs, completing the look of your bathroom in no time.

Why not browse through our amazing high features range of toilets here at Entirely Bathrooms were we guarantee you will find the perfect one for your bathroom.