What is the Best Type of Toilet for My Bathroom Suite?

When it comes to choosing your bathroom toilet, there are a few important things to take into account:

  1. Size of the bathroom
  2. Shape of the bathroom
  3. Layout of the bathroom

Taking these into account will help you to make the final decision on what will fit neatly into the bathroom without looking out of place. Bathroom toilets are available in a vast range of styles, so whether you are limited to floor space or have a bare wall which you want to use up, we have the perfect toilet for you.

Most of all you want your toilet to be practical but most of all functional for you and your family, not to forget your friends which you may have over for dinner.  Nowadays toilets are designed and shaped in many shaped and sizes. Some lower down if you have children in the family and some much higher if you have someone in the family with poor mobility. As it’s one of the key components in the bathroom which gets used on a daily basis, Entirely bathrooms take time and effort to ensure all toilets are designed and built with high quality for longer lasting and peace of mind.

With many different styles available to suit every individual need, when it comes to designing your bathroom and you are limited to space we have the perfect solution for you with a styles wall mounted toilet, the stylish toilet gets mounted on the wall at a height to suit you and your family, best of all freeing up floor space and making it much more easier to clean and maintain.

Why not use up any free corner of the bathroom which an elegant corner toilet, corner toilets sit neatly into any unused corner of the bathroom without taking up much and most of all saving space for your other bathroom goods. One of Entirely Bathrooms latest trend is the Premier Saffron Corner Toilet Pan Semi-Flush to Wall – CSM004, this stunning corner toilet is designed with ceramic construction and is perfect for space saving. Designed with a close coupled design and completed with a cistern and dual flush button.










Back to wall toilets will complement any bathroom theme whether it’s modern or traditional. As the toilet sits neatly directly against the wall with the cistern hidden either in a wc unit or in the wall creating a minimalistic look and at the same time helping to save space. The beauty about back to wall toilets is that all the plumbing and waste pipes are hidden and creates an eye pleasing bathroom.

Making cleaning a whole lot simpler and easier, Entirely Bathrooms provide a range of rimless toilets which means you won’t need to worry about having to take out time and effort to clean those small gaps which can take up a lot of your time. Rimless toilets are similar to other toilets but inside instead of having rims, rimless toilets don’t. As rimless toilets help to improve hygiene and are designed with a direct flush technique that shoots the water around the inside of the toilet, which makes it significantly easier cleaning. As rimless toilets help to improve hygiene and are designed with a direct flush technique that shoots the water around the inside of the toilet, which makes it significantly easier cleaning. Rimless pans don’t only look aesthetically modern, but it is very practical with its rimless technology, designed with ceramic construction and completed with soft close seat included and enhanced with a 10 years manufacturers guarantee.

As Entirely Bathrooms offers a number of toilets, a popular toilet which is used not only for cloakrooms but for other bathrooms is the Cassellie Daisy Lou Comfort Height Close Coupled Toilet & Seat – DAY006 this stunning toilet is designed with a stylish comfort height for easy access and is designed with ceramic construction for longer lasting. As its featured with a quick release soft close seat, so you won’t need to worry if there are kids involved. Close coupled toilets are ideal especially if you have a family member who has poor mobility and can’t bend their knees. Giving you and your family easy access without any hassle or fuss.

Wall Toilet

Entirely bathrooms offer a vast range of toilets, from plain simple designs to stunning ornate, we have them all, feel free to browse through our vast range were you will be spoilt for choice. If we can assist you in any way contact us on 0330 3800 629 were we will be more than happy to assist you.