Bathroom Trends: Should we go for a couple’s bathroom?

A bathroom made for two is one of the ultimate romantic gestures, as well as a stylish bathroom trend. They say the couple that bathes together, stays together, but could a couples’ bathroom suit you and your significant other?

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, we’ve taken a look at the pros and cons of the couple’s bathroom trend.

What is a couple’s bathroom?

A couple’s bathroom is one that’s specifically designed for two to share, with two sinks, two vanities, two showerheads in a large shower enclosure or wet room, and/or maybe a double ended bath. As an intimate and relaxing space, your bathroom can be the perfect room in the house to turn into a little couple’s retreat. But, before you take the plunge with a his and his, his and hers, or hers and hers bathroom, it’s important to think about whether this bathroom trend is for you.

The pros of a couple’s bathroom

Firstly, the pros. For some, a his and his, his and hers, or hers and hers bathroom is a romantic haven that’s all their own, as well as a practical space that suits their joint lifestyle.

Dedicated bathroom space

With two sinks and two bathing spaces – double shower heads or a double ended bath, for example – you’ll each have your own space in the bathroom at all times. That means your own sink and vanity with room for all your own products, your own storage space under the sink and never having to confront each other’s dried toothpaste in the bowl.

More time together

If you and your partner are both always on the go (and which couples aren’t these days?), it can be difficult to find time in the day to check in with each other. A shared bathroom can offer the space and opportunity to spend some time together at the end of each day, away from other distractions.

A luxury feel

There’s no denying that the couple’s bathroom trend adds a luxury, hotel-inspired feel to a bathroom. Double sinks and vanities in particular create an air of indulgence and relaxation to a bathroom, turning it from a simply functional space in the home, to somewhere to spend precious ‘me’ and ‘us’ time.

Second sinks can also add value to your property, as long as they are placed side by side. It is possible to fit an additional sink that connects to one set of water pipes, or to have two separate sinks with their own plumbing.

More bathroom accessibility

A couple’s bathroom certainly eases some of the inevitable queuing during the morning rush.  If you’re happy to share bathroom time, you could find a couple’s bathroom gives you more time to play with at the start of each day.

The cons of a couple’s bathroom

A joint bathroom comes with a lot of plus points, but it may not suit every couple, or every home for that matter.

Potential mess

Allocating dedicated bathroom space to you and your partner can work well, but only if you’re both prepared to keep your portion of the room clean and tidy. If one of you likes things neat while the other is less organised, a couple’s bathroom has the potential to become a source of conflict, rather than a place to unwind.

Lack of privacy

The realities of sharing bathroom space on a daily basis may not be for every couple. If either one of you prefers to prepare solo for your day or for bed, a couple’s bathroom may not be the right investment for you.

Space in your bathroom

Doubling up on sinks and showerheads requires space, and while it’s possible to create innovative bathroom solutions in even the smallest of spaces, setting aside room for double sinks, for example, may mean sacrificing space for something else.

Couple’s bathrooms undoubtedly suit larger bathrooms, so it may be that there’s another way to optimise space if your bathroom is on the smaller side.

Fall in love with your bathroom all over again

Whether or not you and your partner decide to opt for a couple’s bathroom, the team at Entirely Bathrooms have everything you need to tap into your favourite bathroom trend and create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Browse our wide range of bathroom suites, sinks and basins, showers and baths today.